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Having problems with soft images? Lens not performing as it should?

Often a combination DSLR and Lens set up does not always yield the sharpest possible results. You may have heard Photographers complaining that a particular Lens and Camera combination is soft ... that it could be sharper ... or is focusing in the wrong place (closer or further away than the chosen focus point) ... this is often referred to as front or back focus ... The error is more common than you'd think and is due to the manufacturing tolerances ... It can be fixed.

Clock Tower Cameras can now offer a combined DSLR and Lens Calibration service ... Most modern middle range DSLR’s from Canon & Nikon have the facility to adjust this front and back focus error, and although not rocket science, it is not that easy to understand, set up, or yield accurate results ... Using specialist software we are now able to offer an accurate Lens/Camera trimming service ... and once performed, you can be assured that your camera and lens are perfectly matched to acheive the best possible results.

Single Lens and Body Calibration - £54

...each additional Lens Calibration to same body - £20

A detailed report is supplied with each Calibration

A £20 deposit is required ... This deposit will be deducted from your final bill (... although non-refundable if Calibration was not required, as this covers the cost of the testing process)

10% Discount on Calibration when purchased with DSLR or Lens

For further details and availability, please call 01273 706010 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ... or you can use the 'Contact Us' menu option.